Services We Provide in Central Oregon

Mold Damage

Mold will always cause havoc, as it produces numerous problems for home and business owners alike. If ignored, you put your property and the health of your family and friends at risk, due a variety of health problems that may arise, caused by the mold spores that have been released into the air. Don’t forget that your property’s structure and stability may be in jeopardy as well, as the sole purpose of mold is to breakdown organic materials, such as cellulose which can be found in several types of building materials. Mold is also a great indicator that you may have water damage, causing the moisture levels in your property to increase enabling the mold growth.

When you partner ServiceMaster Cleaning Specialists for our mold remediation services, we’ll help remove all mold growths and turn your property into a mold-free environment.Our mold experts will follow the proper procedures and apply advanced techniques to prevent mold from spreading, eliminate growths and colonies,remove mold-infested materials, and seal and sanitize the affected areas to ensure any remaining spores and microscopic particles are exterminated.

Disaster Restoration

If your Central Oregon home or business ever falls victim to water damage, fire damage, or smoke damage, ServiceMaster Cleaning Specialists is readily available to help. We specialize in disaster restoration services, and will have your property restored and problem free in no time. Upon arrival, our disaster restoration team will extract standing water, dry wet materials and structures, remove debris, clean valuables from soot and other grime, salvage valuables, and work to restore the structures of your property.

At ServiceMaster Cleaning Specialists, we understand the overwhelming stress that comes with property damages, that is why we are here to help. Your property will be in reliable hands with ServiceMaster Cleaning Specialists, because we’ll restore your property as quick as possible, with high quality results. We want to help get your life back to normal as soon as possible.