Services We Provide in Prineville, Oregon

Mold Damage

For any property, mold is always a problematic situation. Mold can create a variety of problems such as triggering allergic reactions and cause illnesses to those who have been exposed to mold for long periods of time, as well as severely damaging structures and materials. It’s also troublesome that mold is able to release spores that can reach into other areas of a property and begin to grow into another mold colony you must deal with. Also mold is a great indicator of water intrusion or water damage within a property, which is a completely separate situation all on its own.

But with the mold remediation services of ServiceMaster Cleaning Specialists, we can help remove mold from your property for good with our 5-step mold remediation process. We’ll examine the source of the mold and make any necessary water damage repairs, seal the mold-contaminated area, eliminate the mold and any expanding growths, clean and sanitize the area to ensure all mold particles are eradicated, and check up on your property to ensure that mold is not recurring within your property.

Disaster Restoration

When your property has fallen victim to water, smoke, or fire damages, ServiceMaster Cleaning Specialists are readily available to help assist you during such unfortunate times. We’re a premier service provider for disaster restoration and have all the necessary tools, experience, and skills to restore your property back to normal. We do offer 24-hour emergency services as well, because we understand that disasters can strike at any time and you need somebody who is readily available to help, day or night.

So call ServiceMaster Cleaning Specialists for any of your water or fire damage needs. We’re the experts who want nothing more than to get you back into your home or office as soon as possible.

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