Services We Provide in Redmond, Oregon

Disaster Restoration

ServiceMaster Cleaning Specialists is a premier disaster restoration service provider in Redmond, Oregon. We service both commercial and residential properties for damages caused by fire, water, and smoke.

Our expert technicians are all experienced and have undergone professional training. We use a variety of specially designed techniques in mix with advanced equipment to successfully restore any property from damages. When you contact ServiceMaster Cleaning Specialists for a disaster restoration service, we can extract standing water, dry materials, remove soot, cleanup debris, and attempt to salvage as many belongings as possible.

Mold Damage

Mold can be a nuisance for any property owner or building manager. Mold can create a number of problems including damaging structures, create an unhealthy environment (causing illnesses, allergic reactions and breathing troubles), and being able to spread into other regions of a property by releasing spores.

When you find mold within your property, contact ServiceMaster Cleaning Specialists for mold remediation services. We can implement our 5-step process that will effectively remove and eliminate mold from your property.