Redmond Water Damage Cleanup First Steps

If you experience a Redmond water damage disaster or flood, urgent action is vital for the successful restoration of your property and your belongings.

First, shut off the water

Find out where the water is coming from. There are many potential Redmond water damage sources, ranging from a roof leak to a backed up pipe. If the water is coming from inside your home, shut off the water lines. If it is coming from outside, attempt to direct the water away from your home.

Call ServiceMaster Recovery Specialists immediately—24/7/365

Act now to get the ball rolling for your Redmond water damage cleanup. You want a team you can trust to help with your water damage restoration, which is why you need ServiceMaster Recovery Specialists. Not only have we been providing excellent service to our Redmond neighbors, but we are also a preferred partner for many insurance companies—and we work with ALL insurance companies for a hassle-free claims process and direct insurance billing.

Move items out of the wet area

Your belongings that are in the wet area need to be moved out so they do not become irreparably damaged themselves. If you can safely enter the wet area, move your belongings to another, unaffected area.