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Michael and Cecelia Collins and family
We would like to take this time to personally thank each and every one of you for your quick response and all of the hard work that went into recovering our home after our house fire. As you probably hear from the people that you all serve, it is a frightening and chaotic place to be in when families are displaced and our worlds are turned upside down, but with such professional and understanding people that you all are, it makes this experience a little less traumatic for us, and we thank you..

We also want to state that we are very pleased with all of the communication that took place, all of the expedient returned calls (day and night) and emails. Thank you Melissa for keeping us up to speed as they progressed, we never felt uncomfortable or displeased at any time in this process. And you gave us a deadline that worked for us, and was met as promised.

Thank you Larry for your craftsmanship, personability and professionalism. Your attention to detail has made us proud to own and admire your work for many years to come. We also really like how the paint color came out, it fits our lifestyle perfectly.

And last but not least, the workmanship and attention to detail in all of the cleaning by the ladies that put their elbow grease into our home, furniture, laundry, dishes, etc. a huge THANK YOU to Elena and her crew for everything. We realize we had a lot of stuff, and you all handled everything in such a wonderful manner, and returned everything in a neat and orderly fashion, it is going to be so easy to put things back into the right places.

Thank you ServiceMaster. Thank you for putting our family back into our HOME.


Michael and Cecelia Collins and family

Sandi and Rod Hanson
This letter of appreciation is long overdue - but here it is! On November 18th my husband and I walked in the door to a house filled with smoke, soot and a very bad smell of burned plastic - we didn't know what hit us! When I turned the corner and looked in the kitchen I realized that our self-cleaning oven - blew the glass from the double oven doors all over the kitchen - melted the plastic handles completely off - and burned the wood floor in front of the stove...

We immediately opened all the doors and windows – called Allstate Homeowners Insurance to report what happened – called the fire department – and called the Maytag Appliance customer service division to report the incident.

ServiceMaster had just been recommended to us by a good friend who had attended some kind of meeting the day before the accident… so when our insurance agent recommended you, we were thrilled.

We we looked around the house – we realized that EVERYTHING… every square inch was covered in soot and I knew I needed help! It was beyond anything I had ever experienced before.

We were so grateful to have a home still standing and that no one, not even our two cats were injured or hurt. Rod and I did suffer some physical problems after spending 3 nights in the soot filler house – but we didn’t know enough to get out!

Then on Saturday my angels all started to arrive! They set to work – and we left the house. More help arrived as the days went on – and we were asked to leave (go to a hotel) so everyone could do the work with us being in the way. Sometimes we would walk in the door and it just looked like all the ladies had beautiful angel wings – they were everywhere… on ladders cleaning light fixtures… removing all the books from the bookcase… glasses… dishes… the entire master bedroom closet disappeared! And they cleaned everything! We were amazed at all they did! They were always courteous, cheerful and impeccable with what they were doing.

So I just want to acknowledge each and every person who came here to put our home back in order! I was so happy to be able to have my family of 10 come here and enjoy Thanksgiving dinner.. I had a new stove – and a clean home.

Of course the cleaning continued… so much to do! And it all got done! Thank you, thank you, thank you ServiceMaster. You are fabulous at what you do – and I will be happy to recommend you whenever possible.

Sandi and Rod Hanson

Jodie Barram
ServiceMaster has demonstrated exception professionalism during this unfortunate process. They have been courteous, knowledgeable, and have kept my home as clean as possible. Their team accepts any and all questions, no matter how trivial...

They routinely check in. Given we find ourselves in the unhappy position of facing increased utility bills, repair costs yet to be determined, and some inconvenience due to this misfortune, their positive outlook ‘softens the blow’ and helps us realize things will be okay

Art and Jane McEldowney
March 27, 2009, we sustained a kitchen fire and an entire household of heavy smoke. Over the months, your team, under the supervision of Ms. Melissa Atkinson, did a superb job of rescuing and restoring the majority of our household effects...

We could not have asked for more professionalism, courtesy, competent care and empathetic service. Please note that each of these persons worked hard on our behalf and have delighted us with their cheerful attitudes and amazing restoration.

Deak and Barbara Preble
We want to thank you and your employees for the service you provided in the work done to return us to our rebuilt home, and in caring for our personal property...

We enthusiastically endorse the ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration Specialists in Bend. When our house was struck by lightning and caught fire in July 2010, they assumed all of the responsibility of getting our belongings out of the house, carefully cleaned and securely packed and stored away until the house was rebuilt.

We also contracted with them to rebuild the house, which they did very professionally and in a surprisingly short time.

Their employees were very thoughtful, caring and careful. They were all aware of the trauma that we were experiencing and were always understanding of our stress and concerns.

We will be willing to talk personally with anyone who has questions concerning the work ethic, patience, and cooperation of the people of ServiceMaster of Bend.

Deak and Barbara Preble

Mike Yarbrough
I cannot even begin to thank everyone at Service Master. We had a severe water leak, I called Service Master and they told me that they were sorry, but it would be about an hour before they could arrive at my house. Can you imagine, a company apologizing because it was going to take an hour for them to round up a crew and the equipment? This day and age, you are lucky to get someone out the next day....

Kyle was our project manager and everyone from Service Master were very professional, their work was the best I have ever seen and their top priority was for my family and for our home. Everyday, at least once and sometimes more, they came to our home and monitored the mitigation process very closely and kept us informed daily as to the progress and as to what they planned to do next. Also, when I had a question or concern, I could call Kyle and Kyle who always responded in a very timely manner.

I wish I could name everyone individually and thank them.

Also, we have 6 year old triplets who were constantly wanting to help and everyone from Service Master have great children skills. Also, one of our boys has asthma, Service Master took every precaution to keep the environment as safe as possible for him. The area was isolated as best possible and they used an air scrubber.

When Kyle arrived to oversee the project, he told me we needed a plumber. I asked him if he could find one that could come out ASAP and Kyle said “no problem” and a plumber arrived very quickly.

If anyone ever has a disaster, CALL SERVICE MASTER. I highly recommend them without reservation and if I ever have another problem, I will call them immediately.

Mike Yarbrough

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