A boarded up house.Immediately following a disaster, it is imperative to board up the affected property in order to protect it from the elements or potential vandalism. We’ll secure your property during the restoration process to make sure the cleanup process goes smoothly and your property is safe. In the event of extreme weather or a fire, you can rest assured ServiceMaster Recovery Specialists will focus on the situation and help you with your emergency needs quickly, reliably, and professionally. We do the job from start to finish so you don’t have to worry about hiring different companies for different services.  We do it all when it comes to disaster restoration!

Broken windows or structural damage can happen for a number of situations such as fires, breaking and entering, vandalism, or even just kids playing. Whatever the cause, ServiceMaster Recovery Specialists has a crew ready to take your call at all hours. Boarding up your property after a fire or emergency situation to protect your personal belongings well as ensure the safety of the surrounding community is crucial. Call ServiceMaster Recovery Specialists in the Bend, Oregon area to help you today!




Photo by PunkToad