Continuing Education: CE Insurance Classes in Central Oregon

Do You Need Continuing Education Credits?

ServiceMaster Recovery Specialist in Bend, Oregon, offer continuing education to licensed insurance agents and adjusters – free of charge. Our classes are tailored to give you practical, real-world courses covering home damage and insurance industry curriculum.

Call (541) 205-9354 for more information about Free CE Insurance Classes.

We Provide CE Classes for Central Oregon Insurance Professionals

If you’re a licensed insurance agents in Bend or Central Oregon looking for Continuing Education Credits, we have courses with localized content for you. We offer 3- to 4-hour courses in the afternoons and evenings to accommodate your work schedule.

We know that most insurance agents rush over after work, so we typically provide drinks, food and caffeine to keep you comfortable so you can focus more on the subject. We utilize handouts, videos and visual mockups to illustrate the course objectives so you can understand the material and help your clients.

About the Location

We host our free CE Credit Courses for Insurance Agents and Adjusters at our facilities at the Basalt Business Park off of Empire here in Bend. You can park in the parking lot or on the street. Use the main front entrance and take the elevator or stairs to the second level lobby – just follow the signs.

20806 Sockeye Place Suite 210
Bend, Oregon 97701

Available Courses:

We specialize in Disaster Restoration and Clean Up Services and Insurance related courses for Central Oregon agents and insurance professionals. Are you interested in taking courses or learning about specific categories? Check out the courses we offer below and feel free to request specific courses. Feel free to e-mail or call our CE Course Instructors and ask about special courses for your insurance agency.

  • Reducing Severities Through Restorative Structural Drying Course (6 Credits)
  • Ethics Course (3 Credits)
  • Mold Remediation Course (3 Credits)
  • Packout Course (3 Credits)
  • Smoke and Odor Damage Mitigation Course (3 Credits)
  • Water Damage Mitigation for Manufactured Homes Course (3 Credits)
  • Mold, Remediation, Removal & Containment Course (3 Credits)
  • Oregon Law & The office of Administrative Hearings Course (3 Credits)
  • Oregon Law & Selected Law Practices Course (3 Credits)
  • NFIP Reform, Coverage & Statistics (Flood) Course (3 Credits)
  • Excellent Customer Service During a Claim Course (1 Credit)
  • Understanding Water for Manufactured Homes Course (1 Credit)
  • Understanding Smoke Mitigation Course (1 Credit)
  • Understanding Packout Mitigation Course (1 Credit)
  • Understanding Water Damage Course (1 Credit)
  • Understanding Mold Course (1 Credit)