household items placedThoughtful and Customizable Cleaning Solution

Cleaning a hoarder’s property is challenging and full of risks. We never know what things will show up. And what type of contaminants and odor we may find. Since hoarding cleanup requires proper planning, we clean your area according to well-designed steps. Our experts use equipment and skills to perform biohazard disposal, debris removal, and content cleaning.

At ServiceMaster Recovery Specialists, we give great attention to cleaning, deodorizing, and sanitizing areas to restore a property and make it safe and secure to live in. In most cases, our experts use safety gear like a mask, goggles, etc., to avoid exposure to contaminants and deal with unpleasant odors.

Our crew follows strict OSHA regulations to ensure safety for everyone involved. Not only can our professionals deal with any hoarding situation, but they also have communication skills to satisfy the clients throughout the process. They are compassionate and respect the clients,  keeping them updated throughout the process.

Our crew can offer the following services:

  • Rodent Cleanup
  • Disposal and removal of objects and debris
  • Removal of flooring or carpet if needed
  • Biohazard cleaning
  • Recycling coordination
  • Home sanitizing
  • Paperwork to meet local government requirements

However, we can help you find the solution to other hoarding-related problems. We also personalize each service based on your area, requirements, and level of hoarding.

Who We Work With?

Hoarding disorder can affect any person, regardless of age or gender. This is why we offer hoarding cleanup services to families, realtors, agencies, and homeowners so that you can live a happy and healthy life.

We have a mission to support people and offer them help in challenging and complex circumstances. ServiceMaster Recovery Specialists understand that a layman doesn’t have the expertise, knowledge, and equipment to deal with unexpected situations. We have trained experts and equipment to manage extremely challenging hoarding situations.